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We diliver 3 weeks after advance payment


For other Reigion, we diliver within 3 days

To-Door / Pickup-Station

We do door-to-door delivery during working days, for client's near or inside Central Region, Ghana, we deliver to your location in less then a 24hrs

Our Products

Izzy Garimix

Izzy Garimix even though formulated for students with several variety has become a family delicacy. It's made of Gari, Sugar, Milk and Coconut

Packaged in 1kg

Price : $3.99


Izzy cereal Mix

Our Cerealmix a family breakfast can be taken without sugar and milk with great taste. Making it very safe for infants and diabetic patients

Packaged in 1kg

Price : $3.99


Izzy Adode

Our crunchy oysters is a compelete meal on it's own. can be used for stew, soup and salads.

Packaged in 500g -- 1kg

Price : $1.99 -- $2.99


Izzy Gari

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Packaged in 1kg

Price : $2.99


Izzy Palm Oil

Coming soon...


Izzy Foods

Izzy Foods is a locally primary processed food production company in Ghana with the aim of saving time and making food available in-between meals for busy households without compromising on nutrition. We deal in milled cereals and grains in the form of Cereal Mix, desiccated cassava, coconut, milk and sugar in form of Gari Mix, Fried Oyster locally called Adode, Processed, Desiccated Cassava known as Gari, Processed Cereals and Nut called Dzowoe as well as Palm Oil for Domestic and industrial use. All our products are without preservatives but have a considerable shelf - life. We represent the word organic when it comes to our foods. The nutrients in our foods are naturally preserved and flavors are natural. Our taste is like no other. Infants, teenagers, adults and the aged have been comprehensively catered for. That is why we earn the tag "the complete family meal" .

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+233 243 261 456




Saltpond, Central Region, Ghana